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Brew Celebration 2021: 14.08.2021
Simple put

It is the social experience that lies in enjoying a brew that both tastes, surprises and instantly opens up for dialogue between like-minded people.

It is the social experience that lies in enjoying a brew that both tastes, surprises and instantly opens up for dialogue between like-minded people.

We simply love the entire brew universe, and after taking the plunge for a long time, Brew Celebration was created over the summer of 2019 by a small team consisting of Kaj, Christian and Bjarne.

A recurring event that opens horizons, friendships and attitudes

The overall vision with Brew Celebration is to create a recurring event that gathers like-minded people around the good brews. But it's much more than just casual tasting!

The event is rooted in both knowledge, entertainment and the assessment of the best brew of the future. As a participant in the Brew Celebration, you are an active part of a kind of panel that provides invaluable information and attitude back to the breweries, which on the day lock us into their "test brew", experiments, and so on.

The panel

You are an important and active part of the Brew Celebration

With the handed out scorecard, you have a great influence on the information that is passed on to the participating breweries.

The participating breweries are part of the Brew Celebration because they receive invaluable feedback from the event. Specifically, they get an insight into what types of brews and flavors are attractive. That way, we are a small piece in a larger game where our carrot is that we can influence which brews develop in the future.

Your participation is of course 100% anonymous!

Rapporten fra 2020

Lineup 2020

Brew Celebration 2020 was a great experience with amazing representatives.

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Rogue (USA)
Progressive brewing from Newport, Oregon
Uiltje Craft Beer (HOLLAND)
Quality beer from Uiltje brewing
The art of belgian brewing
Cerveja Independente
Ølsnedkeren (DANMARK)
Quality brew from Ribe roots
Theodor Schiotz Brewing Co. (DANMARK)
Danish craft beer with an international perspective
Fanø Bryghus (DK)
Island-brewing at its best
Lervig (NO)
The boys from Norway
Lady Brewery (ISLAND)
A gipsy craft brewery
Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri (DANMARK)
One of the country's best microbreweries

The team

The small team behind Brew Celebration.

Brew Celebration is created by a small team consisting of Kaj, Christian and Bjarne. Our paths crossed through the restaurant company Porsborgs, where we quickly found out that there was a great common passion for beer. The idea of ​​developing an event where beer and the whole brewing universe were in focus, therefore naturally arose one day over a few beer tastings. The basic idea behind Brew Celebration is that we want to create an annual event where we have the opportunity to share a common interest in 'craft beer' and related brewed products.

Kaj Feddersen

Anthropology student and hopefully future leisure brewer.

Do you remember the first time you tasted a beer? Did you feel that the energies were buzzing around in the air around you, that the hops took over your mouth as if it were Prussia at Dybbøl mill. Became the ever-embracing bitterness, comparable to Denmark's World Cup exit in 2018. Did you think, ‘this must be the ultimate craft’, something you can build civilizations on. No? Not me either, but I have been consistently fond of beer since.

Christian Dose Grimstrup

Economics student, and former waiter at Porsborg's Gastro Bar, with a great love for Italian pizza and good beer.

My best beer experience was when Kaj and I in the spring of 2019 drove around Belgium and the Netherlands together to visit different breweries. It made my interest in craft beer greater. I am therefore very much looking forward to taking my interest a step further through Brew Celebration. At first I was not much for sour ale, but after meeting a lambic beer in a dark cellar in Bruges, I was sold. I can therefore not stand for a fresh and cold sour ale today.

Bjarne Christensen

Entrepreneur, entrepreneur and beer enthusiast as well as one of the owners behind the restaurant and gastro company Porsborgs. Has in recent years worked with strategic business development.

"I like a lot of the beer universe that has opened up in the last 6-8 years. There's really something going on with the concept, and the opportunity to create a platform like Brew Celebration was simply too interesting for me to say no. "

Am very fond of the fruity, juicy, and sour IPAs and DIPAs. Is at the same time to that extent about to open his eyes to Sours!