FAQ – Brew Celebration
Brew Celebration 2021: 14.08.2021

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered all the questions that we most often hear from guests and future guests. If you do not find the answer below, we would love to hear from you.

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Tokens are your payment method for Brew Celebration. Tokens can both be purchased online, along with your ticket, but they can also be purchased physically for the festival. Be aware, however, that the price online is lower than for purchases on the day.

Typically, one pole can be exchanged for one tasting at one of the bars. Tokens can also be used to buy food.

Easy sailor! The tasting glass, which you receive with your tokens, can contain 25cl. That equates to about half a beer per. tasting. Compared to many other festivals, it is a great tasting glass.

You can just believe it! There are several food stalls where you can buy food. With good beer and good laughs also comes food - we have made sure of that.

Yes you can. You exchange your online ticket for a bracelet on arrival. Your bracelet then serves as your entrance ticket to the festival.

We recommend that you find a driver for the day if you need transportation. Alternatively there is public transport. The festival site is located 100 meters from both the train station and bus station in Ribe.

You can! Many of the exhibitors, as well as the festival's own bars, bring products for over-the-counter sales.

No, it's not there. We will always assess whether there are guests who should not drink more alcohol - just like other places to drink. However, if we assess that you are able to enjoy more alcohol, there are no restrictions on how many tokens you buy.

Yes, you have access to the entire square as well as all exhibitors. There may be a few features, such as special tastings where there is limited space, where we will require some form of registration as well as a symbolic amount. But basically, with an admission ticket, you are guaranteed access to the entire Brew Celebration.