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Brew Celebration 2021: 14.08.2021
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Yes, that is possible. We have previously had similar situations where the brewery could not be physically represented (due to geography or a tight calendar). In these cases, your products are included on the same terms as everyone else, but will be donated / served from the main bar.

Brew Celebration is not a classic "come and taste beer festival". The festival is engaging and all guests receive scorecards. Each time a guest tastes a product, we ask them to rate the product based on various parameters. Finally, a complete report is formed from the festival, where all data is made available to the participating breweries - of course without personal data.

Practically speaking, you can use the data to look into what the consumer likes.

Yes! All products on Brew Celebration are included in the subsequent report.

Brew Celebration aims to have content that opens up perspectives and horizons. We would rather have the new and partly experimental, than the classic and safe. It is important to us that we contribute to "pushing" the brewing industry together with all the skilled breweries.

We are closing for applications from breweries on 31 May.

You get close to consumers, and hit a segment that has chosen Brew Celebration because you want to participate actively in the ever-growing community. You get tangible data that you can use in the further development of both your products and the brewery as a whole.

In addition to a marketing platform, you also get the opportunity for direct sales on the day.

Guests "buy" tastings for tokens, one tasting is 25cl. As a brewery, you get DKK. 5, - pr. pole, where one pole costs you 25cl. beer.

After the festival, all tokens are handed in to the festival committee, after which they are settled.

Yes, it does. The costs associated with developing and executing a festival like Brew Celebration are huge. Therefore, as a brewery, you also pay to participate. The standard price is DKK. 900, - excl. VAT.

Yes. Each participating brewery gets its own bar, with its own design. When you sign up, you get templates from which the bar can be designed. The cost of producing signs, etc. to the bar held by the festival.

If you do not have the opportunity to provide usable graphics for your bar, we can help for a fee.

It is a classic scaffolding bar, measuring 2m. in width. There is plenty of space and there is of course electricity for each bar. Each bar is equipped with a 2-tap draft beer system and high display refrigerator for products.